Okay. Can we get real about the Okavango Delta for a moment?

Full disclosure: the Okavango Delta in Botswana was my #2 fear on my Cape Town to Zanzibar trip through Southern Africa. The #1 spot was occupied by lions, but, I do have an incredible penchant for the dramatic.

I had a number of fears, mostly surrounding those little flat-bottomed canoes that were to serve as our transportation in the Delta… the mokoro. Mokoros are the traditional way to scoot around the Delta. Originally made from hollowed out trees with varying states of ‘tippy-ness’, mokoros are now, generally, made out of fiberglass.

Now, I have zero fears concerning water vessels, or water for that matter, but I did have issues with hippos. I swear, the most popular pub quiz question of late is, “What is the most dangerous animal in Africa?” It’s hippos, my friends. To negotiate through the reeds and water of the Delta, our polers use channels (aka: hippo highways) to get from point A to point B. Knowing that we were going to be submerged in hippo habitat was very thrilling and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But, we had nerves.

My group and I started freaking ourselves out in Namibia. We sat around the bar at Felix Unite campground bonding over our ‘Africa’ fears. Through belly-laughs and good-natured jibes, we discovered that some felt no fear. However, I obsessed about lions, Rob admitted to a concern about crocodiles and Kelsey owned up to her worries about hippos.

[SPOILER ALERT: We all survived.]

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