This story was written for Intrepid Travel and posted on their website on July 3, 2018. Below is an excerpt, but you can read the full article on their website here:

I am an introvert.

No one believes me when I say this because apparently introverts are supposed to be shy, awkward around people and potential serial killers. I am none…wait…no…I am none of these things.

People, however, make me tired. Getting to know people and suffering through the initial trappings of ‘small talk’ often sees me avoiding new situations or standing in front of a mirror saying, “You can do this Carla!” – like I’m going in to battle. I’m best around people I already know. Probably because I like the deeper part of people more than the surface.

So, when I found myself in Cape Town, at the welcome meeting for Intrepid’s Cape Town to Zanzibar tour, I thought, “Kill me now.” I was sitting in a room full of the total strangers that I was going to be trapped on an overland truck with for 40 days and 40 nights…it filled me with biblical levels of angst.

You would think I would be used to this by now. I have always travelled alone – 34 countries so far.

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