My Writings

I love a good story. I believe that stories change us, inspire us, guide us and make us different. Perhaps that’s what this lil’ blog is about. Story-telling. Sharing little bits of life with others so that we can connect and bloom during our very short time on this planet.


Behind the Iron Curtain: remembering my 1988 trip to the USSR


The first trip I decided to take was to Cold War Russia. And, as I search my ‘way back’ memory, I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to go there. Perhaps it was because I was 18-years-old and absolutely gagging for an experience that would blow my socks off. Deeper than that, I have always, since my earliest memories, desired to go where people don’t usually go.

What It’s Really Like Experiencing Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Okay. Can we get real about the Okavango Delta for a moment? Full disclosure: the Okavango Delta in Botswana was my #2 fear on my Cape Town to Zanzibar trip through Southern Africa. The #1 spot was occupied by lions, but, I do have an incredible penchant for the dramatic. I had a number of fears, mostly surrounding those little flat-bottomed canoes that were…

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