Welcome to my home. My writing. My life.

Who I Am

This page is here, I am here, because I love to write. In the basement of my parent’s store there was a huge chalkboard. My brother had drawn a line down the middle of it, making one half of it mine, the other his. He would draw pictures and I would write words. He would say, “Why don’t you draw something nice?” and I would say, “Why don’t you write something beautiful?” — and neither of us could understand why the other wouldn’t follow suit. Words have always, always, always been important to me.

Somehow, after all these years, people, total strangers really, have asked to read more of what I write. I’m a little confused by it all, but people seem to be picking up what I’m layin’ down. I love a good story. I believe that stories change us, inspire us, guide us and make us different. Perhaps that’s what this lil’ blog is about. Story-telling. Sharing little bits of life with others so that we can connect and bloom during our very short time on this planet.

My place on the planet, for now, is Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve been calling the Maritimes home since 2009, but I’m originally a prairie girl from Alberta. There has been 23 moves in between here and there – to 4 provinces, 1 territory and 2 countries – and many visits to other parts of the world. My heart lives in the Middle East. I think I must have some Arab blood flowing through me and I’m constantly called to return there — hence my nickname ‘Bedouin Princess’. {I’m hoping to be outted as lost royalty one day – ‘You always said she has the perfect shaped head for a tiara‘ – Legally Blonde 2}

So here are my tales.

They are written by someone who has a good heart. Who loves love. Someone who gets her knickers in a twist when she sees an unfair act, laughs at clever jokes, cooks like a wannabe den mother, sits quietly with her thoughts and cries when others hurt. If someone was to ask me, “What makes you, you?”, I would say that I’m not afraid…of life, or the planet, or the people on it. Nothing much shocks me, but I’m continually saddened by bad behaviour. I look for sweetness. I’m bowled over by witnessing acts of kindness. I’m a hugger {oh god no} and care more about your inside than your outside. That’s me – that’s who’s writing these stories.

If you want to know more, read my stories — I’m in there, somewhere.

Be kind. Words matter.